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First of all the United States mainland is a big country.
As a result we have travelled from New York to Miami on the Atlantic east coast. To San Francisco and Los Angeles also down to San Diego on the Pacific west coast. In addition we have enjoyed visiting Las Vegas, Dallas, Memphis and more. Yet there is a lot more.
The good news is we have a lot of great tourist attractions and cities still to see!
Rather tha n waiting for ever, we have written about the USA destinations already visited.
A tip when travelling! Always remember to have your camera or cellphone handy. Some of the unexpected moments are worth the memory.
The movies build up your expectations and to date we haven’t been disappointed.
We’ve seen cowboys with their ten gallon hats. Contrasting and mixing with trendy jet setters with their designer label clothes in New York, Boston and San Francisco. In Los Angeles and Las Vegas you see them all!

Shopping in the USA.

Eating and shopping in the USA is over the top. As a result we had a great time.
First of all the choices are endless.
the designer fashion stores are in every city. Catering for one and all. Tourists are welcome and made to feel at ease. There are always sales and discounts. If you get a chance. Go to the outlets as well!

Eating in the USA

American cooking is all about flavor!
Consequently we love it. Where possible they smoke the meet with something as nice as hickory. To add to this taste sensation they cover it with sauces that explode your taste buds. So much so that my taste buds go into remission when we leave the good old USA. Trying to remember their barbecue ribs right now!
Salads with insane dressings and toppings. Remember this is where the ‘caesar salad’ was created.

On the coast in San Francisco a local treat is their clam chowder. Available in the best restaurants, cafes and from street vendors. Each with their special mix of ingredients. If you like a hot thick soup busting with flavor. We suggest you try it for yourself. Almost forgot they usually come with salted crackers.  All we sampled were great
The rest of the world tries to make variations of American style cooking, but to us they just aren’t the same.

America and it’s Culture Mix

An old song referred to ‘a great big melting pot Or at least I think it did.
Well it’s true. Seemingly every culture is represented and all are proudly American

Entertainment is a highlight of the American way of life with stand alone cities of Orlando in Florida and Las Vegas in Nevada. Both are worth the visit if you are an international tourist or if you live in the USA.
On the West Coast which is the Pacific side the Spanish influence is still strong in its architecture and city names.
Let’s face lt San Francisco (Spanish for Saint Francis)’San Jose (Saint Joseph), Los Angeles (The Angels) and San Diego (Saint Didacus) to mention a few.
Travelling to Dallas in Texas and Memphis in Tennessee are also a touch of American  tourism worth the visit .
Washington, Seattle, Portland and so many more are still to be visited and we look forward to the opportunities. When we do we’ll be glad to give you or version and thoughts. Points of interest and attractions so you may choose to visit them.
Here are a selection of the tourist attractions in the USA.

The US has 59 National Parks across the country. Varying from the timbers of Yosemite to the eroded landscape of Bryce
Canyon. The man-made attractions also highlight the Americans achievements like The Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore for their ideologies.

Major theme parks are in 16 states. Including California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

There are 35,000 cities and towns as recognized by the United States Geological Survey.
All with their own bit of history and attractions.
We have visited and lived in a few.
The bigger cities with the famous attractions are best to visit as a tourist destination.
Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
Central Park
Metropolitan Museum of Arts
American Museum of Natural History
Times Square
National September 11 Memorial

Golden Gate Bridge
Alcatraz Island Prison
Fisherman’s Wharf
Pier 39
Union Square
cable Cars
Napa Valley

Theme Parks Disney * and Universal*
Hollywood Bowl*
Hollywood Walk of Fame*
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre*
Hollywood sign*
J Paul Getty Museum
Getty Center
Walt Disney Concert Hall*

Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive*
Sunset boulevard*
Little Tokyo
Bradley Building
La Brea Tar Pits*
Santa Monica Pier*
Venice Beach*
Los Angeles Zoo*

All the casinos*.

White House
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument

Smaller attractions that you should visit.
San Simeon Hearst’s Castle*

Pikes Market

Gateway Arch in St. Louis

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