Travel Insurance.

It’s a Smart Idea.

We needed Travel Insurance on one of our trips.

What is travel insurance?
Why should I think about Travel Insurance?

It’s not like us to think about the negative side of travel.
But we had a bad accident travelling in Italy.
So we had to work out the:
* Hospital Cover
* Medical Expenses
* Booking Cancellations
* New Booking Expenses
* Extra Auto Hire
*In our case we didn’t need to return home.
But it’s nice to know that the cost can be covered.
While you may have protection in your home country. When you travel overseas the rules are different!
In most cases they offer little or no cover for you when you are overseas.
* It’s not all negative.
Some countries have reciprocal medical health cover agreements. In which they agree to protect and care for their countries residents while travelling abroad.
Everything you don’t want to happen on your trip.
But it sometimes does. Considering you expenses for your vacation.
The Travel Insurance option is well priced to make your trip a good memory!

We won’t tell you to take the insurance policy or not.
But at least get a quote.

Travel Insurers usually offer:
24-hours emergency assistance.
speaking multiple languages.
Provision for access to prescription drug refills.
Emergency cash.
Legal assistance.
Eyeglasses replacement .

Travel insurance can provide coverage and assistance for:
Loss of checked luggage.
Travel delay / baggage delay.
Your traveling companion / family member has a medical emergency or worse still dies!
Emergency medical evacuation.
Your travel supplier maybe your airline, cruise line company or tour operator goes out of business or bankrupt.
Bad weather causes a travel delay.
Unlikely, but a terrorist incident in a city you are visiting.
Not all of the bove may happen to you.
But only one or more will most likely cover your Travel Insurance Policy costs!
Think about it!
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