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The Alternative Lifestyle
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Yes there is an Alternative Lifestyle.

You all know that feeling, you wake up in the morning, same routine, locked in by Jobs, Mortgage, Kids. Most people think they can’t change that, it is something that is just insurmountable. Well I am going to tell you that is is not. You can make your life to be what you want it to be. All it takes is the push to say “I’ll give it a try” Really what can happen if it doesn’t work, will you be in a worse place or would you have learned something new, experienced something new. That is the thing. We only have one life and it is not long. It goes so quick. What do you want to do with yours. If you knew your life ended tomorrow, what would you wish you had done.
We had a lot of frequent flyer points and we decided to go “just go”. When we boarded the plane the thought lets go for 3 months, see what we think, if we like it, maybe 6 months. That turned into 6 years of solid travel. We loved it and still want to see more places.
We learned that those precious things that you have worked and saved for and love, are the very things that entrap you into working just to pay the bills. The big house, the flash car, the furniture.
What if I told you that you could get on a plane and rent a furnished apartment in the middle of a major city overseas city and for a lot cheaper than you can by staying at home.
What if I told you that you can often find work online if you want and get paid while traveling the world.
What if I told you that you can travel the world and house sit in different countries and not have to pay rent, electricity and quite often you will get the use of a car to drive around it.
There are so many alternatives to what you are doing and you are paying for it with your life. Start living and see just how many things you have in your life that you don’t need, to have a great time.
Live like the locals in a country that you never even thought you would visit.
Remember our motto if you want to travel don’t put it off “just go”