Geckos Adventure Tours for Young Travelers 18 – 29 years


Adventure Tours by Gecko Adventures Etripa
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If you are 18 to 29 and want to travel? Adventure Tours are the most amazing way to see the world!
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Travel to all the great spots and must sees that tourist love to visit all around the world. Mix with a small group of around 10 and enjoy amazing experiences that come with travelling and sharing.
Meet the locals by home-stays, community visits, and those super-cool bars and tucked-away restaurants that only locals know about.
Everyone is in your age group so you will most probably share your thoughts and get to know each other.

As you can imagine this is not your regular everyday tour operator.

Big huge coaches are not the scene.
The way to go!
Instead you’ll travel by small buses even public transport. Depending on your tour location you could find yourself using transportation like a camel, tuk tuk or ferry.
Hey you will raft down the Mekong River, and train it in Europe. If needed they’ll even hire a car to get you there.

Accommodation the fun way

The kid in all of us has an adventure in mind.
You can stay in a Jungle Hut in Borneo or Peru, a Raft House in Thailand, Beach Resort in India or home-stays in India and Vietnam. Even stay in hostels from Peru to anywhere!

Tour Guides

The guides on all Geckos Adventures tours are experienced locals.

They are full of local history and knowledge. Your guide will make the tour easy going &  relaxed and they will help you find all the right spots when you want to party!

Who will you be travelling with?

Well young travelers only.

The age 18 to 29 is guaranteed. So the group will be of like minded travelers, doing the tourist thing!

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