Seville Spain  is Absolutely Beautiful

Seville Top Tourist Attractions

  • Royal Alcazar Palace

  • Royal Tobacco Factory

  • San Telmo Palace

  • Metropol Parasol

  • Seville Cathdral

  • Spanish Square

  • Torro del Oro

Seville is one of Spain’s great cities for a tourist.
With the Moor Fortress as a reminder that they were in Spain for 700 years. Along side of the Barcelona Cathedral as a statement of the Christian re- invasion.

Once the city of Seville was the power base of the Spanish Realm. At the time when Spain was bringing back the wealth from the New World. One can imagine the Spanish galleons sailing up the river for the Royals to check their bounty. But there was also the risk of pirates.

Seville has some of the most amazing food. Cuisine which is more traditional and tasty. If you have a chance go see a display of traditional dance. The dancers are dramatic and unbelievably quick. Actually so fast you can’t see their feet move. As well as the traditional dance it is usually accompanied by traditional songs. Best said ‘an acquired taste’ and really loud. But hey it’s a memory!

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