SANTORINI Amazing Greek Island

Santorini is an  amazing Greek Island.

Top 10 Attractions  on Santorini.

    • Firá the Island capital. At the top with amazing views.
    • Archeological Museum in Fira. Ancient relics.
    • Museum of Prehistoric The Blue Monkeys wall fresco.
    • Pyrgos the ancient capital with medievil castle ruins
    • Oria the small village on the cliffs famous for its sunsets.
    • Caldera, the volcanic bay . Simply view from Fira.
    • Black Beach at Perissa.  A volcanic black sandy brach.
    • Red Beach / Akrotíri Archaeological Site
    • Ancient Thira. Visit the 9th century BC ruins.
    • Profitis Ilias Monastery built on the highest point

    Things to do on Santorini

    • Take cable car ride up or down at Fira
    • Ride the mules up or down the cliff path at Fira
    • Catch the local bus and view the coastline
    • Take a cruise of the bay and visit the tiny islands.
    • Walk the winding lanes of Fira.
    • Stop anywhere, enjoy the weather and the views. Cafes and restaurants flourish at all these locations.

    The color blue takes on a whole new meaning. Brilliant in every way. The sky is usually a bright blue. The ocean varies from a light crystal clear blue to the deep blue of the deep waters. Then on the buildings which are usually white the domed roofs of the churches is an amazing bright blue. It’s an impressive sight and well worth a photo.
    Set in the Mediterranean with steep cliffs rising up. If you arrive by ferry you’ll be confronted by the height. You can get a coach to the top. We got a taxi. The road works it way up the cliff winding back with hairpin corners. Our driver was exciting. We actually had to ask if this was a one way road. Our answer came as a car came around the corner heading straight at us. The drivers simple answer was ‘don’t worry.’
    Santorini is worth every bit of every day you spend there as a tourist. Some of the beaches are a black sand from the volcanic rock. But the water is great.
    Up the top is the town, Fira. The small winding streets (paths) are made from blackish rounded stones. They are obviously really old but are still doing their job. on one of our walks we encountered the garbage collection. Why surprising?  Because it’s a cute little donkey, carrying the load.

    Santorini Island vacation hotspot
    For the cruise boat tourist you can rise to the top two ways. There is a cable car ride with spectacular rides. Or you can ride on a pony up the winding paths. Both are impressive entries to this scenic town. Ar the top are restaurants, cafes and plenty of shops.
    The views are awesome and the ambience is strangely vibrant and also relaxing. If you want a great vacation. Santorini is it.
    Just Go!

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