Rome Underground is A Real Adventure

Under Rome as it is today are hidden treasures.
If you explorers beneath the city you will be privileged to visit history. Admittedly there are some powerful odors and frigid waters. The rewards can be spectacular from ancient times.

What you may find.

There are streets, theaters, baths, stadiums, imperial villas and residential buildings.
As well as Pagan temples Christian temples and even Egyptian artifacts.

How can this be?

You see in times gone by there was no machinery to knock down the old and build the new. Instead they simply let things go and then a century os so later built a new building. Using the old as the foundation for the new. It’s that simple.

The Result of Time

The result is below modern Rome ls a historical archive. If you visit Rome you will see The Old Roman Forum. Well, it had to be excavated to show it! Actually at some time in the past it was used as a rubbish tip.

Exploring Under Rome…Today

Only in recent times have we had the inclination to explore and preserve the past. Rome once had over 40,000 apartment buildings, 1,800 palaces and Government buildings. Means there’s a lot down there!

Some Examples we visited

We found San Clemente. A quaint twelfth-century basilica a couple of blocks from the Colosseum.
There is a small charge around €6
San Clemente Basilica Rome

Sub Level 1

San Clemente Basilica Rome stairs

Take stairs down from the sacristy.
Fist stop is the original fourth-century San Clemente. One of Romes first churches. It lasted til around 1100 AD. This was filled with earth and used as the base foundation for the present basilica.

Sub Level 2

Next stop. Using the stairs down is the first-century structures upon which i was built. A Roman house and possibly a small Roman temple.

Sub Level 3

San Clemente Basilica Rome underground buildings

Here you will find a narrow Roman street and rooms from a large Roman meeting hall. Amazingly a stone path gutter which still has running water flowing. This structure was possibly suffered from the Great Fire around the time of Nero.

Sub Level Four

Presently not excavated but it’s almost certain there are more structures below. To us, all this was simply amazing!

Under Capitoline Hill

We believe that under Michelangelo’s
Senatorial Palace on the Capitoline Hill is a tidy little temple to Veiovis a very ancient Roman god.

Under Saint Peter’s Cathedral

There is a small passage in the south exterior wall of St. Peter’s Basilica leads to an eerily intact Roman necropolis that underlies the entire center aisle.
It’s almost like the main street of the dead in a miniature city.
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