Rome – The Eternal City – Dining out in Rome


The Italians love to eat out with friends, in a romantic alfresco streetside cafe or a fine dining restaurant, either way, it all makes for a great evening, sipping on Chianti and chatting the night away.  Rome is full of restaurants, cafes, and trattorias., something for everyone from fine dining to a bustling pizzeria. Who doesn’t love the Italian food? The interesting thing with the Pizza is they don’t cut it and normally you get a whole pizza on a plate with a knife and fork. It did take us a while to realize that they will cut it for you if asked.  The Pizzas are plainer than what we are used to, the Italians do not really load up the pizzas like we do here. They are much simpler, still delicious though with a crispy crust. The pasta is obviously excellent and of course, you do have to try the Gelati. Top this off with some fantastic Italian Coffee a shot of Limoncello and what a night!

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The Fendi Building Rome with Christmas Decorations