Italy is one of the world’s best tourist destinations.
We have stayed in Italy for quite a while and it’s great.
Italy has so much for the tourist. History is in every city, village and region. Today the Italians can boast about their cars, fashion and cuisine. Wh. What they all have in common is the passion!


is like a history book come to life.
Florence is where sculptors and artist have lived for centuries
Venice is just amazing. The city itself is a truly unique tourist attraction
Milan is wold renown as a fashion power house.
Pisa is a must see. The leaning tower is accompanied by an amazing cathedral and baptistery.
Wine and dine your way through Italy as every day has a ne attraction to see.
With The Eternal City Rome heading the tourist headline city.
Florence, Venice, Milan and Pisa offering attractions known worldwide.A diverse county with islands, lake districts, alps and even a volcano.
Offering a tourist destination for everyone from history buffs to nature lover.
Today Italy is a shopping paradise and the wining and dinning is sensational. Every city, town and village is teaming with tourism attractions.


The Eternal City is a treasure chest of attractions.
You can see Saint Peter’s Basilica alongside the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.
The Trrevi Fountain, Spanish Steps
and a lot of piazzas to sit, shop and watch the thousands of tourists.
Palaces from the Renaissance to view the wealth of the rich nobles. A great of this wealth is the is the Villa Borghese and its garden. Built as a ‘rich parsons fun house’ for vacations.

Roman History

The big tourist attractions are the Colosseum the Roman Forum, Pantheon, Palatine Hill and Castle San Angelo. Sites dating back to 700BC. The monuments still standing range from Temple of Castor and Pollux from 450BC. The forum built for Julius Caesar in 50 BC to the Castle San Angelo in 135AD.
Most of these monuments are open for public viewing.


The capital of Tuscany and the birth place of the Italian Renaissance.
Tourist attractions make this city great.
Palaces such as Palazzo de Pitti and Castle Vecchio indicating the wealth. The grandeur of the Florence Cathedral, Firenze Baptistery and the Basilica of San Lorenzo built around 383AD.
Other famous attractions are the Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi gallery and the beautiful Boboli gardens.If you can each and everyone is worth your visit.


Italy’s romantic canal city. Unique with the canals filled with gondolas and waterways for cruise ships.
Walking across the bridges and thinking of times gone by with its masquerade festivities.
Major attractions are the Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica and Plaza San Marco. Along with the Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs and the islands of Murano.
Take a water taxi and make sure to take a ride on a gondola and listen to the gondoliers stories and songs.

Other Italian Tourist Towns

Tourist towns are everywhere in Italy. The leaning tower of Pisa also the Basilica and Baptistery.
Bologna and it’s towers and arched walkways.
Milan with the magnificent Milano Cathedral and the Sforza Castle. Not to mention Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals.
Small villages on top of it seems every high hill are scattered through the countryside.



In Umbria there are the towns of Perugia with the remains of a Pope’s Fortified Palace. Built on top of a Roman fort. which is on top of an Etruscan fort. That’s Italy for you. Yo can walk down through these structures.


Assisi is On the next hill easily visible and joined today by a train service.
Towered over by the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi.
For nature lovers there is Lake Garda located midway between Milan and Venice
As well as Lake Como a tourist destination dating back to the Romans. Now famous for the views but also the home to many famous persons including Madonna and George Clooney.
The Italian Alps offer some of the world’s best skiing. The Dolomites with the Bellinesi National Park.

Unique Italian Destinations

Down in southern Italy there is the ancient cave city of Sassi di Matera.
The ruins of Pompei and the active volcano Mount Vesuvius.

The Italian Islands

Offshore are the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Capri.


with its sandy beaches and the capital Palermo are a tourist paradise.
The home of Mount Etna the world’s tallest active volcano.
Ancient temples like the Segesta Temple from the ancient Greeks.
Ortydia island off shore is joined by two bridges is the island Ortygia where it is recorded a lot of the Greek gods visited.


in the Mediterranean is possibly the birthplace of modern Italy. It also has interesting archeological sites such as the Graves of the Giants from early civilizations.

The Island of Capri

is a romantic island and a huge tourist destination. The famous Blue Grotto caves are a major attraction
Plan Italy and enjoy as many of the attractions as you can It is possibly worth a few trips to see it all!
Travel? Just go!
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