Perth in Western Australia

Australia’s biggest state and a fantastic tourist destination.Big and beautiful with vivid landscapes.Colors of Western Australian landscapes

Western Australia is there to be explored

We are always amazed by WA. It is bigger than most countries.
Western Australia covers more than 2.5 million square kilometres (965,000 square miles) – the combined size of Alaska and Texas – with a population of 2.5 million people.
Perth is the Capital and a modern city with high-rise buildings on the banks of the Swan River. With the wealth of the mining industry Perth has it all. Top restaurants, bars, cafes and during summer a rooftop movie venue.
In Western Australia you can take a treetop walk of the giant timber forest around the Esperance region in the south. With 400 year old timber species spiralling to the sky.
The Pink Lake is a definite attraction for any tourist.
The deserts are barren and come to life with the spring flowers. Tourist travel hundreds of miles to see this spectacular display. From barren desert to a seemingly endless fields of flowers in days.
Along the WA coast is thousands of kilometers long and full of surf and fishing beaches.
Mining is the main industry wi some of the worlds largest open cut mines. Further north is the Kimberley Mountain Range. The Ord river is an oasis in the harsh region. While further on the coast a Broome you can take a camel ride along the beach at sunset and you almost feel you are on another world.
WA is well worth the trip for a tourist but with it’s size you will need to plan your trip.
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