Is The Great Southern Land

Australia’s Top Ten Attractions

Australia’s Kangaroos, Koala and birdlife make your travel experience  even more unique.

Come and visit the Great Down Under.
You’ll be amazed!

If you are travelling to Australia the one thing you will notice is that it is relaxed and seems to have no crowds. Well not like those of overseas tourist attractions. So if you want a feeling of individuality and space, you’ll get it in Australia.

Amazing Australia!

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Australian wildlife birds, underwater and the outback deserts
Australian Wildlife amazing color birdlife and cuddly koala
Australia under water tours
Australian Outback. Big, beautiful and amazing
Take a tour of Australia’s tourist attractions.
See the cities, beaches, deserts. Everywhere is amazing and the wildlife, birdlife even the  trees. From the  outback, the coastlins and under the sea.
‘Australia’ means Southern Land and it is the world’s biggest island with over 8,000 islands in its territories.
Secluded from the rest of the world it has some of the worlds most amazing animals.

Koala are Australia's cuddly icons Kangaroos and wallabies are the most noticeable Australian wildlife animals

Home to the Kangaroos (34 million on the last count), as well as Koalas, Emus, Wallabies, Platypus and so many more. Mainly herbivores/plant eaters.
A very young country when compared to the European and Asian civilizations.
Discovered by Dutch sailors in 1606 and colonized by the British in 1770.

Today the population is 24 million people, with 95% living near to the coast. That’s because the interior is mainly desert.
How big is Australia?
It is 80% of the size of China, 78% of the USA,  more than 20 times bigger than Japan, 28 of Italy, 31 UK & 58 times the size of Greece .

The amazing unique island continent.

250 years young to the western world.
Thousands of years for the indigenous people.
Millions of years for the widlife and landscape.
All new to the traveller.
Sydney with it’s famous Habour (Harbour is the correct spelling in Australia) the Bridge and the amazing Opera House.

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland all have skyscrapers and transport hubs to travel in the cities.
Take a Tour and learn all about the Australian Cities

Darwin is almost new as a lot of Old Darwin was devastated in the 1970s by cyclone Tracy.
Every city has a history of dynamic growth mostly from humble beginnings sometimes as Convict Colonies.
Now Australia is a true multi cultural destination for the international traveller. Today Darwin is a fantastic tourist attraction. The port is a place where locals and tourist mix to enjoy the ambience.
There’s only one place in the world like Australia.

Take a vacation to see Australia. Guaranteeing you a memory of a lifetime.
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Here are some great travel books on Australia.

Australia travel guide, 18th edition Nov 2015 by Lonely PlanetBest of Australia travel guide, 1st Edition May 2016 by Lonely PlanetAustralia's Best Trips - Western Australia (7.251Mb), 1st Edition Nov 2015 by Lonely Planet
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