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About Us.

Welcome to etripa!

Everywhere we write about, we’ve been to!
We have lived in cities and locations around the world.
It’s been fantastic.
As a couple we decided to see the world. Visit all the places we wanted to see and experience.
Researching and planning your trip can be overwhelming. So we decided to help with our site. We have tried to make it easy for you to travel. Supplying contacts for accommodation, flights and car rental search facilities. Along with our knowledge, tips and advice on the places we have been lucky enough to visit!

Finally taking the decision to travel.

We’ve seen famous places, walked where kings and queens have! We’ve even stayed in castles.

Nature’s landmark attractions are worth seeing!

Nature has inspired us with a view of the beauty.
Pacific Islands and their tranquility. Niagara Falls with the sheer volume of water and the  Grand Canyon, it’s huge!

Shopping the world.

Plus we’ve shopped like locals in Spain, France, Italy, UK,  USA, South America and Australia. Plus Japan, Hong Kong and Dubai.
The fashion centers of Paris, London, Rome, Madrid and New York City were great! The fashion is for everyone with prices to fit all budgets. We all love an amazing sale!
It has been unbelievable!

How we started our travels

We read a lot of travel books on the cities and countries we wanted to visit. Spent a lot of time researching on the internet. When we can we’ll link you to the books we think you may like to read.   All this was great and helpful with our travels. But we needed to break out and go touring.

Originally after years of taking our vacations and travelling with any short trips we could.
We made the big decision and set off to travel the world for six months. Well now we’ve been travelling for over six years! Taking the opportunity to live in places we had only heard about.

Sharing our travel information.

Just taking a short break to visit family and friends while writing to share our travel experiences with tips and information. We research the cities and countries we want to travel to. But we found there was a lot more to know. Taking our experiences we hope to give you some great advice.
Then we’ll be back as tourists to see the cities that we still want to explore!

Curiosity? It seems everyone is curious

To see all the places that you read about and see on TV, YouTube and the News.
At school they taught subjects like history, geography, science, mathematics and a variety of different languages.
Well the point was We wanted to see all of this. To see if it was real.

How can we afford to keep traveling?

Like mostly everybody else we thought it was for the rich or the incredibly lucky.
Firstly there’s the money problem and who can afford to waste it on a dream!
Let’s be real by the time we go to school, get a job, try to get a better job or a promotion have a family, it’s almost time to retire. So we decided to change all the perceived boundaries.

The shopping is a goal for some!

I think my wife may have had some other goals to mine. Such as shopping in London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, New York and everywhere else the designer magazines talk about.

We followed the sun. Well not always!

Admittedly we tried to follow the sun and always live in the countries when it was warmer.
However you can’t always do that on a limited budget. So you make the most of it as one year we were in Rome, Italy in a cold winter December. So on New Years Eve we did what the Romans do we went to the Colosseum and watched the celebrations with the countdown and an incredible fireworks display. It’s worth seeing the colors exploding over that amazing building. Not all that bad and honestly a lot of fun and better than staying at home!

People we met on our trips.

As we travelled we were being asked where we were from and where we had been. No matter where we were in England, France, Italy, Argentina or the USA and more everyone was interested. Most people were curious about everywhere else.
So we decided to share our travel experiences as tourists and how the locals live.
So this is about us, our travels, worldwide destinations and helpful tourist information. We’ll continue  traveling and give you the tips on how you can travel the world, just like us!
Where have we travelled to, so far?

h1 style=”text-align: center;”>Top 10 Travel Destinations
We’ve Travelled To!

New York
Las Vegas
Buenos Aires

We’ve seen them all and a lot more!

Planning your next vacation overseas or at home?

We’ve been there and it’s worth the trip!
We have our travel recommendations for you.

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